With a dash of flavour and health: Nourishing Schools shares nutritious recipes for you and your family

14 January 2022

Good health does not mean compromising on taste. A healthy diet is beneficial only if it is consumed. Tasty food leaves a person feeling fulfilled and determines their mood throughout the day.

Here is a list of nutrient-rich recipes that will delight your taste buds, and you can easily make them with your family.

Good food is crucial for a person’s lifestyle, especially when you begin the day with it. Start your day with a light breakfast, that’s easy and quick to make – Ragi Appam:


Add Pumpkin Curry to your lunch to make it more nutritious:


Enjoy a little evening snack break with Ragi Biscuits:


Follow it with a warm bowl of Mushroom Bean Soup to soothe you:


What is better than a good Sweet Potato and Mixed Greens Khichdi to end the day?

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