With a dash of flavour and health: Nourishing Schools shares nutritious recipes for you and your family

Good health does not mean compromising on taste. A healthy diet is beneficial only if it is consumed. Tasty food leaves a person feeling fulfilled and determines their mood throughout the day. Here is a list of nutrient-rich recipes that will delight your taste buds, and you can easily make…

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Recipes From the Nourishing Schools Toolkit Help Children Adopt a Healthier Diet

Our dietary habits directly affect our health. Due to our busy schedules and fast pace of life, we often eat based on convenience rather than on health. We often eat to please our taste buds, without realizing the health risks associated with such habits. Eating healthy foods strengthens your immune…

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Cookathon For Karnataka – Improving Nutrition in Mid Day Meals

On 12th April, in the evening at around 4 pm, Something’s Cooking studio was buzzing with enthusiasm. Organic farmers K Kallappa and his wife, Sumangala, had come all the way from Bellary and applied their local knowledge of 1,136 years to create a recipe that is highly nutritious. At 5…

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