In an effort to foster innovation and wellness, the Nourishing Schools Foundation proudly announced the Fit and Fun Ideas Challenge. This unique competition invited schoolchildren and college students across India to pitch pioneering ideas for the Foundation's toolkit, promoting physical activity, well-being, and healthier lifestyles among young learners.

Nourishing Schools Foundation's toolkit is a box of games and activities for children between 4th and 9th grade, such as making their own soap, building a handwashing station, and setting up a school garden. Over two cycles of engaging with the toolkit, children solve nutrition-related problems in their schools and communities.

The "Fit and Fun Ideas Challenge" aimed to harness the creativity and energy of India's youth, driving forward the shared mission of both organizations to nurture health-conscious communities. Participants could submit their ideas for games and activities for children from 4th to 9th grade that spur physical exercise and holistic wellness. Ideas werre invited along three categories – Clean cooking with LPG, Climate-friendly diets, and Cultivating active lifestyles.

Participants could submit their ideas via the online form below by October 15, 2023. After receiving over 650 entries, which were evaluated by our jury, the winners were announced here.

Winners of the challenge will see their ideas integrated into the toolkit, reaching hundreds of schools and impacting thousands of children. The top three selections from schoolchildren and from college students were awarded an honorarium of INR 5000, 3000 and 2000, respectively. 

If you want to learn more about our toolkit, you can check out our toolkit page here:

Outreach kits

If you are a school teacher/student, a college professor/student or a parent, here are the outreach kits to help you get involved in spreading the word about the challenge. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions

We were also proud to collaborate with the Food Future Foundation as our outreach partner for this challenge.

If you are a school student or a college student, please use the form below to submit your idea.