The Power of Youth: How #ChildrenTakeCharge

24 December 2021

The youth of our country is rapidly developing new methods and reforming the status quo for the better. From climate change to education, gender, agriculture, etc., the youth can come up with fresh ideas, inventions and innovations.

Today, many youth-led collectives are working towards positive social change. To support young people with getting the platform they deserve for achieving their goals, Nourishing Schools Foundation has launched the hashtag #ChildrenTakeCharge to share the remarkable work done by such young people.

Aarnav Aggarwal is increasing the self-reliance of farmers of the country.


Harsh Singh is providing quality education and food for children in Dhanbad


Michelle Nkamankeng is an education activist who is empowering young girls through literature.

There are many ideas that children and young people can bring to the table, which tackle challenging problems with actionable solutions. In taking this step and providing a platform for them to share their work, we aim to empower the leaders of tomorrow.