Recipes From the Nourishing Schools Toolkit Help Children Adopt a Healthier Diet

29 January 2021

Our dietary habits directly affect our health. Due to our busy schedules and fast pace of life, we often eat based on convenience rather than on health. We often eat to please our taste buds, without realizing the health risks associated with such habits. Eating healthy foods strengthens your immune system, preventing you from becoming ill easily. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods to stay healthy or to consume tasty dishes.
The Nourishing Schools Foundation provides a toolkit to schools, which includes a booklet with a collection of simple, healthy, and wholesome recipes for children to make with their parents. Here are a few of the recipes that feature in the booklet:

The booklet covers a range of recipes to satiate your appetite while providing you with essential nutrients. The booklet includes recipes for dishes like Channa Dal with Soya Nuggets, Lemon Foxtail Millet and Beetroot Banana Sweet. Try out these recipes as a step to take charge of your health. You can try them and tag us on social media using the hashtag #LetsNourish to be featured on our social media channels. Adopt a nutritious diet and keep your body happy!