Nourishing Schools Publishes Three Reports on its Nutrition Interventions

2 April 2023

The fight against malnutrition in children is a pressing global issue, and the Nourishing Schools Foundation has been at the forefront of innovative interventions to address this challenge. Recently, the foundation took a significant step towards sharing its insights and outcomes by publishing three comprehensive reports on its nutrition interventions.

These reports serve as a valuable resource for various stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, parents, and the wider community. They shed light on the effectiveness of empowering children to take charge of tackling malnutrition, offering compelling evidence of the positive impact these interventions have had on the health and well-being of young individuals.

By involving children in improving their nutrition, the Nourishing Schools Foundation has created a sense of ownership and empowerment. The reports highlight the profound changes that occur when children are educated about healthy food choices, taught about the importance of personal hygiene, and engaged in community gardening initiatives. Through these interventions, children become advocates for their own health and catalysts for positive change within their families and communities.

The reports can be viewed on our website here:
Baseline Report for Jhunjhunu and Sikar districts, Rajasthan, India, September 2022

Endline Report for Jorhat and Golaghat districts, Assam, India, November 2022

Midline Report for Jaipur district, Rajasthan, India, March 2023