Nourishing Schools Shares How NGOs Can Leverage Data at Dasra Philanthropy Week

3 March 2023

The Nourishing Schools Foundation(NSF) was invited to share how non-profits can use data to transform communities during the Dasra Philanthropy Week, which is being held on February 27th- March 3rd, 2023. The event brings together diverse stakeholders from the development ecosystem to convene, converse and continue sustained action towards the quest for a billion Indians to thrive with dignity and equity. With thought leaders, non-profit experts, funders and intermediaries, the week had curated in-person as well as online events.

This week, currently in its 14th edition, aims to showcase the latest trends and best-practices in Indian philanthropy, path-breaking research and insights on diverse sectors and themes, bold and innovative solutions shaping the impact landscape, critical and emerging needs of the social sector in India.

Each day had a different theme, and on March 3rd, Archana Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of Nourishing Schools Foundation, was a panellist for the session titled “Data for Good – A Catalyst to Transform Communities”. The session was moderated by Erica Arya, India Head, Project Tech4Dev and the panellists included Archana Sinha, CEO and Co-founder, Nourishing Schools Foundation; Rizwan Koita, Co-Founder CitiusTech & Director Koita Foundation and Urvashi Prasad, Director, Office of Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog. The session partners were Bloomberg, Societal Platforms, Stanford PACS.

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The panellists discussed themes such as the power of data in transforming and creating resilient communities, exploring the role of data science and technology as key tools for inclusion and development. They also discussed the role of different stakeholders in bridging the existing gaps and opportunities in the data and tech ecosystem.

Archana Sinha, CEO and Co-founder, Nourishing Schools Foundation and a panellist, said, “Data can be a powerful tool to help non-profits empower communities. We’ve partnered with non-profits in various parts of India to collect and analyse data regarding the nutritional status and nutrition-related behaviours of schoolchildren. The data-based insights developed from this are shared with schoolchildren, teachers and parents to help them identify actions to tackle malnutrition. We’ve seen solutions such as setting up school gardens to supplement midday meals, building handwashing stations from readily available materials and launching school canteens serving healthy snacks made by children during their home science class. During the session, we discussed how collaborations in the non-profit sector can help organisations deepen their impact, using data.” Recently, Nourishing Schools Foundation won the Data for Good Exchange Empowerment Challenge, supported by Dasra, Bloomberg, Societal Platform, Stanford PACS and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Nirali Trivedi, D4GX Team, Dasra, said, “DPW serves as a platform for key stakeholders in the sector to come together and engage in conversations which form the cornerstone of subsequent action. Data for Good is a critical part of these conversations since the infinite potential of data to transform communities needs to be tapped into now more than ever. We are glad to have Nourishing Schools Foundation be a part of our Data for Good cohort.”

The session is listed on the Dasra Philanthropy Week website here: