25 February 2016

The Nourishing Schools toolkit allows for its easy adoption and implementation across schools. The process of designing this toolkit is collaborative, so that the organisations and schools that partner with us can adopt its modules effectively. For example, teachers and students can share their feedback to improve its success. They aren’t mere implementers, but stakeholders in its success.

Nourishing Schools Foundation provides the toolkit and support, but the true ownership of this programme and all credit for its success belongs to school principals who want to ensure a better future for the children, teachers who want to empower as well as educate, and changemakers who want to achieve sustainable improvements.

The Nourishing Schools toolkit is rolled out in a school over 8 weeks, through the efforts of “student ministers” i.e. leaders identified from amongst schoolchildren, that use its components to involve their peers in efforts to tackle malnutrition. The toolkit components broadly cover three topics.