24 February 2016

Vishnu, a lifelong entrepreneur, leads Ashoka’s global teams on Planning, Budgeting, and Global Partnerships. During his stint at Ashoka, he has led multiple teams across South Asia, South East Asia and at the Global office. He joined Ashoka to lead a project on affordable housing, which after demonstration of enabling over 15,000 homes across India – is now a separate organization he co-founded called the Indian Housing Federation. Similarly, his work on malnutrition has led to the creation of Nourishing Schools Foundation.

Earlier in his career, he co-founded two internet technology companies in Singapore. Looking back, both the companies were based on ideas that were ahead of their times – Artificial intelligence and Machine learning and another a fin-tech business. One of the companies was acquired in the early 2000s and he discovered his deep interest in social development after that. He is passionate about creating large scale social change using hybrid business models.